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Jet XR™ Self-Curing Radiopaque Acrylic

Jet XR™ Now Available!

Self Cure Radiopaque Acrylic

Jet XR™ Radiopaque Acrylic Resin is intended for the fabrication of methacrylate-based acrylic appliances and used wherever a radiopaque acrylic dental device is useful in establishing an anatomical location or site, such as a provisional implant stent.

Pre-Mixed Compound
Improves efficiency of lab technician requiring no additional handling and assures uniform and consistent mixing of all components for optimum diagnostic imaging

2 Levels Of Opacity­—Shadow And Opaque
Provides the clinician with an option of differing opacities when differentiation is important

Methyl Methacrylate System
Easy to trim and adjust

This product is NOW available for delivery. Please contact our office: (847) 215-6622

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