Denture Duplicator Kit

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Kit - Denture Duplicator Flask, 12 oz can of Silicone Spray, 8 oz of Jet liquid, 2 oz of Jet Tooth Shade powder shade 62, 2 oz of Jet Tooth Shade powder shade OM1, 4 oz of Jet Repair Powder fibred pink, 4 oz of Jet Repair Powder pink, a glass dropper, and 10 mixing cups


When original dentures require time consuming lab repairs, eliminate your patient’s inconvenience with the Denture Duplicator. This system, with its illustrated, explicit how-to instructions, enables a dental assistant to create an identical denture right in the office, quickly and easily.

  • Produce full or partial dentures easily
  • Convert partials into temporary "immediate" full dentures
  • Make full dentures from existing dentitions
  • Recommended for use with the Aquapres

Kit - Flask, 100g Jet Pink and 100g Jet Fibred Pink Powder, 45g Jet 62/A2 and 45g Jet OM1 Powder, 236mL Jet Liquid, 236mL Silicone Spray, Measuring Cups, and Glass Dropper