Jet Set-4 Provisional Acrylic


From Lang Dental's Family of Jet Brand Acrylics ...

Jet Set-4 Fast-Setting, Provisional Acrylic

Our goal - introduce a cost-effective provisional acrylic that provides greater chairtime efficiency with the quality that you expect from all of our Jet™ Brand Acrylics. Jet Set-4 Brand provides superb strength, color stability, aesthetics  and sets faster ... with up to 2 minutes of work time and final set in only 4 minutes!

Note:  Jet Set-4 is a new name! Due to a similarity in trade mark to another dental material already on the market, the brand name has been changed to Jet Set-4 … a new more accurate description of a faster setting Jet tooth shade acrylic designed to meet the needs of today’s dental practice. Jet Set-4 improves chairtime efficiency while providing the outstanding physical properties of a methyl methacrylate system … and it does it at 1/10th the cost of cartridge delivered provisional materials.

Features Benefits
Self-curing Remains color stable for long-term aesthetic integrity
2 Min. Work Time / 4 Min. Set Time Improves chair-time efficiency
Superior Tensile & Flexural Strength Provides a durable temporary for greater patient satisfaction and comfort
No Significant Oxygen Inhibited Layer Minimizes repair time without additional surface preparations
Methyl Methacrylate System Allows easy trimming and adjustments
Wide range of color options Matches the patient’s shade perfectly for greater acceptance

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