Jet Adjusters - Kit

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A liquid resin system for custom character-izing and staining provisional crown and bridge materials

  • Eight long-lasting, translucent, stable colors
  • Variety makes natural dentition color matching easier and more accurate
  • Can be used chairside or in the lab
  • Apply prior to final cementation
  • No abrasive polishing is ever needed
  • Very fast curing, air dried, less than 2 minutes
  • Material chemically bonds directly to the tooth plastic, won’t rub off
  • Eliminates surface porosity
  • Kit contains 10mL each of custom staining liquids: Blue, Brown, Clear, Grey, Orange, Violet, White, and Yellow. Also included are Thinner, Brush Cleaner, and Disposable Brushes

Kit - 1x10 mL bottle of each color